POPi™: An explanation about our technology innovation with its unique selling points (USP)

In any business profit or non-profit POPi™ ™ delivers time critical information – Where time critical proven delivery of information and action (or in-action) is everything!

POPi™ is a Live Content Delivery Platform. POPi™ is a software application that allows users to transfer content directly to the screen of an internet-ready computer and PDA, or mobile devices. Text, images or multi-media branded content are “pushed” to a user and the transfer of that information is completely auditable thus enabling feedback and data mining on all communications. POPi™ can also transfer information in multiple languages.

POPi™’s communication paradigm entirely turns the table on the way we traditionally view much of today’s communication

In summary:
  • POPI™ is a LCDP -- Live Content Delivery Platform
  • Allows transfer of content directly to the screen of any digital device including mobiles and other hand held digital devices
  • Delivers company branded complex information which is pushed to an end user
  • Completely auditable
  • Can deliver information in multiple languages

Objectives of POPi™?
  • Drives communication/content in real time and in the most visible format, with corporate branding to the end users on any digital device prompting them to action
  • Allowance for data mining and analysis of all communication sent from one or more user to another (i.e. market research purposes and understanding the customer/user)
  • Demonstration that important information was being sent through an audited, targeted, high impact communication mechanism; and achieves
  • Reduction in email volumes, reducing IT and Infrastructure costs.

Description of POPi™ technology
  • Push technology – moving communications from passive (end user initiated) to active (targeted direct by company to its customers, employees, agents and contractors and wider stakeholders.)
  • Gives organisations a unique capability to transfer information of any size and complexity to the intended recipients.
  • Users choose the information streams they trust/need, circumventing the information strictures inherent in e-mail or browsing.
  • An intelligent system that provides the organisations with feedback enabling analysis between the organisation and its end users i.e. can carry out instant opinion surveys.
  • Allows streaming of commercials or any media content messages (i.e. campaign messages and reports can be delivered and repeated) direct to digital devices, thereby helping organisations reach targeted group of users (marketing and sales capability enhanced).
  • POPi™ can read out messages in different foreign languages.

Benefits of POPi™ technology

Since POPi™ integrates into both mobile and computer technology, it integrates into the complete life of an organization or an individual. Anytime a user sits in front of a connected computer or through an internet ready mobile device running POPi™ information is made available to them, directly and in high impact.

The aperture through which information can reach clients is now increased dramatically. For most people, e-mail or browsing has been the traditional method through which users acquire information. This is generally a minimal amount of time throughout an average person’s day. Nevertheless, the time an individual is sitting in front of a computer or with a cell phone available is exponentially more. This is the aperture of contact for POPi™ and makes our potential of our software unique. Messages can be prioritized to be delivered from one medium to the next, if not picked up by the user in the time specified.

POPi™ gives organizations a unique capability to transfer information of any size and complexity to the intended recipients.

Summary of unique capabilities and benefits of POPi™
  • Information age is producing “information overload”.
  • Most traditional means of corporate communication is being abused and overused.
  • Large and complex file transfers are handled easily in the POPi™ environment.
  • User space requirements are not a factor in message transfer. No more: “insufficient disk space”.
  • POPi™ allows for the streaming of commercials or any media content messages, thereby helping organisation target groups of users.
  • Furthermore, getting messages out to a large number of constituents is easy with POPi™ - simply: drag, drop and send.
  • Scope of use? Anywhere where people have information to send and need tracking on the information, POPi™ can be the communication medium of choice e.g:
    1. Customer relationship management and marketing in financial services, banking and retail
    2. Advertising and marketing by corporate organisations with the customers and target market including media organisations, especially to handheld devices, mobiles and PDAs.
    3. Civil and military security related applications of POPi™ enabling “inter-operability of different communication systems” or to develop a “common operating picture” for major incidents therefore linking through (iCOP™-POPi™ integrated software) directly to civil contingency, fire and emergency management at major installations and locations like airports, shopping malls and city locations. In fact in any situation where there is a need to know that key people have received and started acted on instructions from the command/control centre relating to urgent safety and security of people, places and property, including tracking the actions of other key agencies and public authorities.
    4. Large file transfer allows for universities, colleges, schools, indeed all learning organisations to educate and train by delivering rich/media content directly to their respective digital devices hence increasing participation and VFM (value for money) from investment in education and training.
    5. Political campaigning i.e. where political organisations need to know where their support bases are located, who is reading their campaign messages and how to change, adapt and direct a campaign; and finally.
    6. Fundraisers for charities and other major causes for example arising after major natural disasters when international NGOs (non governmental organisations) need to know who is reading their campaign material and how to capture public support for a campaign financially.

Communication and Enterprise benefits
POPi™ allows organisations to automatically collect and deliver important information to their customers at the right time, through the right channel through to the right device, thereby delivering
  • Increased attention in a crowded market leading to increased vote share, financial support.
  • A secure and cost effective modern digital channel to transmit information.
  • Reduced infrastructure costs and replaces other expensive communication channels such as inbound/outbound calls, Emails, SMS.
  • POPi™ can help your customers with its language translation services.
  • POPi™ allows rich content information of any size (including media files, graphics, sound/video messages from Chairman/CEO, software application upgrades and so on) to be transmitted under a closed feedback loop to its employees.
  • Provide full audit trial for information transmitted.
  • Delivers important business related alerts directly to campaign organizers desktop/laptop/mobile therefore helping with timely action and re-action.

Implementation of POPI™

  • First we understand an organisation’s information architecture.
  • Produce a project delivery service and communication plan ensuring our technology meets client’s challenges and specific requirements.
  • Provide resources and service before, during and after the installation of our technology through our customer care support centre.
  • Implementation approach is divided in to the following phases:
    1. Phase 1: Business Consulting
    2. Phase 2: Integration and Implementation
    3. Phase 3: AMC (License and Maintenance Contract)