Multimedia Applications

Intellicomm Solutions offers high-quality creative multimedia solutions to help you in developing and maintaining a recognizable and strong corporate identity through CBTs (Computer- Based Training Modules), WBTs (Web-Based Training Modules), Presentations, e-Brochures, e-Catalogs and related multimedia tools.

We have a skilled artistic and development team for the production of your presentations, commercials and other corporate promotion purposes. Utilizing the latest animation tools and technologies, Intellicomm Solutions is able to maximize the impact of your multimedia promotions to the corporate market at a fraction of broadcast prices.

Computer Based Training (CBT) CBTs (Computer Based Training Modules) Excellent training is vital for the short- and long-term sustainability of a business. Critical to the survival of a business, but often difficult to keep up due to time, financial and cost pressures, training can be difficult to deftly integrate into a company’s workflow. Self-training through CBT is a powerful tool for a convenient and affordable way to learn new skills or upgrade existing ones.

A CBT application is an interactive instructional tool that blends voice, text and animation. Delivered on personal computers, CBT can easily be distributed to a trainee’s workstation quickly and through a variety of media (CD or DVD, LAN, WAN or through a WBT - a web-based training module).

CBT has been proven to dramatically decrease logistic, financial and time pressures on a company’s capabilities. Retention of material is better than traditional methods and its flexibility as a learning tool (delivery, availability, upgradeability, etc) make CBT an excellent complement to normative training methods. Intellicomm Solutions can help you deliver a cost-effective and powerful teaching tool.

A Web-Based Training application is an interactive instructional tool delivered on an Intranet (in-house), via the Internet & Web, or an Extranet. Potential benefits of Web-based training includes:

Reduced costs: Easy to update, access and install Distribution: Reduce/eliminate administrative, handling and shipping expenses, one license, centralized delivery. Updating: Fast and efficient updating, ‘on-the-fly,’ no need to remaster or redistribute materials. Equipment and Facilities: Reduce/eliminate overhead expenses such as instructional rooms, training computers and equipment. Administrative and Training Staffing: Reduce manual data entry required for training documentation; reduce/eliminate the need to retain training staff. WBT improves training effectiveness in that it allows for self-paced and just-in-time learning.

Modularized information is accessed when needed and users can navigate quickly to learn about related tasks and processes. Individuals are able to demonstrate their knowledge of the material and to begin at an appropriate level for them individually. Trainees who have already mastered the texts can test out quickly. WBT also allows organizations to expand their resources through this modularized format to add glossaries, articles, discussions, etc. As a multi-sensory approach to education, WBT enable companies to satisfy a multitude of visual, auditory and tactile learning styles, with hands-on instruction. Importantly WBT is also platform independent, and is available for any internet/network enabled machine - whether Mac, Linux or PC. It is always available and always on.